Friday, August 5, 2016

How to advertise in an online classifieds

What do you think? Is it such a complex matter to know how to advertise in an online classifieds? If you ask me, I vehemently hope so. It is because many Ad posters just simply treat an online advertising is beginning at the posting of the ad and ending after click submits, it looks like a simple process. But truly it is not.

The purpose of advertising is to reach as many as people we think are the potential market to achieve the target (either sales or services). By simply posting a single AD and sitting back in the chair leisurely  waiting for any response is a naive and foolish task. No one is going to reach that ad at very first instant.

I am running a classifieds website for many years. I know this attitude of the users. What is the right way to advertise?

1. Post as many ads as possible of the same matter and do not duplicate the ad content. It should be different wordings and vocabulary.

2. Post your ads on the different interval for some days and use phrases what usually your potential market will search for the product or service.

3. Do not delete and post new ads every time. You have to leave your old posts as it is as it will gain a popularity in the search engines when getting old.

4. Edit your old ads if you have any specific date periods in the ads and make it look perpetual if your ads require more time for the response. because the visitor may think your ads expired you might have sold a thing so and so...

5. Do not post Junk or spam ads. It means posting a number of ads of the same matter continuously which will irritate the moderator of the site. he may delete all your ads. So, you are going to be looser of time spent on this act.

good luck and keep on advertising in classifieds. Some of the classifieds you can post your ads on a regular basis.

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