Sunday, January 3, 2016

Information Technology Jobs in Dubai

There are lots of IT aspirants visiting UAE every day aiming for a better job in the Information Technology industry. Many have completed their Engineering in Computer Sciences, Masters in Computer Applications, Master in Software Technologies, Bachelor degrees in Computer science and other Diplomas.

Unlike Indian industry, the IT in UAE is too small because of the higher cost involving in delivering IT products. In order to cope up with the cost, and aiming for a better margin, the IT companies keep their development centers in third world countries such as India, Egypt, Pakistan etc..

Few jobs here and there in the IT industry are from the bigger corporate companies who's involving in in-house software development and are recruiting employees through a process of management consultants and manpower supply companies.

The Systems admin and networking services is the major area where lots of works involving in UAE. But the job in these fields are concerned it is very difficult to get a vacancy in any company. Because, the System Administrators of a company usually works many years without any change in position and change in company. This create a saturation point where there will not be any new opening for the new comers.

In my experience, i have seen Systems Admins who are working more than ten years in the same company because there are no other option to a shift from this job. Compared to other jobs such as Accounts, there are plenty of job opportunity and shifting from companies to companies are happening every day.

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